Powder Coating Reclaiming System

Russell sieving machinery combined with magnetic separator removing oversize contamination from reclaimed powder coatings

During the process of applying powder coating to components, only 60 percent of the powder adheres to the product. The remaining 40 percent of the unused powder needs to be recollected and screened before reusing, to ensure any contamination collected during the spray process is removed.

Industrial powder coatings systems are often used across industries such as aerospace, automotive and construction where quality cannot be compromised. Therefore contamination such as dirt, foreign fibers, grit or metal particulate that can pass from other upstream machinery must be removed to ensure final product quality. Abrasive blasting such as shot blasting or sand blasting is conducted prior to powder coating to prepare the surface area of the object. During this process small particles of the blasting media can be found in downstream equipment and reclaimed powder, which must be removed before reuse.

The Russell Compact Sieve® fitted with a magnetic separator removes all oversize and ferrous contamination, such as dirt, foreign fibers, grit or metal particulate including media from the shot blast process. The vibro sifter effectively screens the oversize contamination, and any fine ferrous particles which passes through the mesh are removed by the magnetic separator.

This high-capacity vibro sifter is designed to fit easily into existing production lines, providing considerable screening capacity without requiring excessive headroom. The Russell Compact Sieve® is available in a range of sizes, options and upgrades for specific applications and can be easily stripped down and cleaned without tools.

The stainless steel Easy-Clean Magnetic Separator™ is designed to remove any ferrous contamination while screening industrial powders. The integrated magnetic grids easily remove contamination such as rust, stainless steel shavings and machinery worn particles. When the powder passes through the grid, ferrous contamination is attracted to the rods while the good powder can flow past. The unique design of the magnetic grid makes the removal of the ferrous contamination quick and easy and it allows the optimum coverage of magnetic field strength.

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